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I remember going to the store with my mom
in the winter of fourth grade, picking up
a Gameboy Color, purple plastic so clear
you could see right through it
to a world where a child's dream
became reality in a magical box
where ten-year-olds were adults,
exploring was second nature,
and anyone, even you,
could be a Pokemon master.

I remember walking to school with my friend
in the spring of fifth grade, debating
the existence of a secret secluded space
in the back of Bill's workshop,
a garden only the chosen
could enter—a haven for shinies,
rarest of the rare; the promised land
littered with Master Balls, where a kid
could capture the mythical Mew
and become a Pokemon master.

I remember fighting with my brother
in the summer of sixth grade, arguing
about pointless things, hitting each other
like siblings sometimes do
and when all seemed lost, our rocky
relationship set to die like a dog in a ditch
we'd trade Pokemon, still sulking,
my Golem for your Gengar and it was enough
because we knew compassion was key
to being a Pokemon master.

I remember sitting through class
in the fall of seventh grade, learning
that homework matters, that girls
are amazing and jocks are kings;
that the only completion you get
is that perfect one-fifty and after that
grandmothers die, parents split and friends
move away—that fourteen is not adult
and for some reason it's not good enough
to be a Pokemon master.
Pokemon Master
A poem I wrote for my creative writing class last quarter.
in the coal-fired dusk the ocean
lies like silvered glass

the once-roaring tumult still
as a sleeping child

there are ghosts here; alien
creatures from another world

milky white discs tinted
with a pale blue

they glide through the sea
like down from a torn quilt

or a hundred lacy
dresses on a ballroom floor

soft silken saucers tumbling
through the cool water

so delicate a touch
might tear them apart
Riddle Poem
A poem I wrote last quarter for a creative writing class.
It's about Moon Jellies.


ZZZ...SNORT! ...whu? ....zzz
United States
Just a note. I will always do requests, and especially swaps. If you want to do one, just comment somewhere-anywhere-with a topic.

Current Residence: Oregon
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Pop, some Punk, Nightcore
Operating System: Ubuntu, Windows7, Slackware, Mandriva
Shell of choice: Konsole, clear skin
Favourite cartoon character: Radical Edward, Shikamaru
Personal Quote: "Stupidity is an elemental force for which no earthquake is a match." -Karl Kraus
Last night I participated in my first piece of interactive theater, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. For those of you who've never seen a showing, or just don't know what I'm talking about, look it up and go to a showing. It's totally awesome. The simplest, crudest way to describe it is watching a movie on a screen while actors are acting out the parts at the same time, but making fun of the movie. And the entire audience screams stuff at the screen. There are people who've seen this 20, 30, 40 times and it's still awesome. Last night was the most fun I've had in a long, long time :]
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